Towner Elmer

Towner Elmer

Inspired by Lothar Götz

The Towner Elmer is inspired by ‘Dance Diagonal’ the colourful, geometric artwork by German artist Lothar Götz which has brightened the exterior of Eastbourne’s Towner Gallery since 2019.

The striking mural, which was created by Götz following an open call for the Brewers Towner Commission, draws on Towner’s unique architecture of angles, recesses and alcoves and envelops the length and width of the entire building.

About the Jessica Perrin

Jess is an illustrator and designer living and working in Birmingham. Jess loves to create both traditional and digital work that has a strong narrative style. Jess has painted 70 sculptures for Wild in Art since 2017, with a selection of her sculptures selling for over £200,000 for various charities.

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