The Big Hop Trail launched in Aberdeen in aid of Clan Cancer Support

Giant hare sculptures have been installed across the north east of Scotland as part of a large-scale public art trail.

Celebrating Clan Cancer Support’s 40th anniversary, 40 six-foot hare sculptures and groups of smaller leverets have formed a free trail which the charity hopes will encourage people to “hop out and about and discover them ‘hare, there and everywhere’.”

The Big Hop Trail is the second event Clan has partnered with Wild in Art following its successful Light the North trail in 2021 which raised £324,000.

The trail stretches more than 550 miles all the way to Shetland and visitors can download the official trail app to find the sculptures as well as collect rewards, upload photos and track their steps.

Fiona Fernie, CEO of Clan Cancer Support, said “Clan is a charity recovering from Covid, we’re still feeling the pinch of that, and now with the cost of living crisis affecting us as well it would be such a boost to raise as much money as we possibly can for people affected by cancer.”

The sculptures will be on display until 3 September when they will then be auctioned off to raise funds for Clan Cancer Support.

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