All the Wild Things...

Our quirky collection of arty, illustrated gifts and figurines lovingly replicate the unique designs displayed on our public art trails. They make great gifts for artists, art lovers and anyone who is a little wild at heart.

We work with designers and artists from national names to new and emerging talent, including our very own in-house design team. Wild in Art gifts and figurines span national favourites; Oor Wullie, The Snowdog™ and Elmer the Patchwork Elephant to Wild in Art creations; Snailspace™, owls, rhinos, lions and gorillas.

Sale View Snailspace Geronimo Snail
Sale View Snailspace Goldie Snail
View Oor Wullie (Laughing)
View Oor Wullie Paint Your Own
Sale View Oor Wullie: Thick Cut

Oor Wullie: Thick Cut

£34.99 £10.00
View Paint Your Own Snowdog
View Snowdog Decoration – Classic
View Snowdog Decoration – Sparky Gold
View Snowdog Decoration – Sparky Red
View Snowdog Decoration – Sparky Silver
View Snowdog Decorations – set of four
View Snowdog Gizmo
View Snowdog Roodle
View Snowdog Rosy Posy
View Snowdog Sparky
View Snowdog Starry Night
View Snowdog The Snowbrador
View Snowdog Under the Sea
View Snowdog Winter Lily
View The Snowdog Classic
View The Snowman™ Tree Decoration
Sale View Owl: Spotting and Jotting in Birmingham
Sale View Gorilla Limited Edition Blackbeardorilla
Sale View Lion: Hutty

Lion: Hutty

£24.99 £10.00
Sale View Lion: Santa Paws

Lion: Santa Paws

£24.99 £10.00
Sale View Lion: Shimmer

Lion: Shimmer

£24.99 £10.00
Sale View Lion: Ted

Lion: Ted

£24.99 £10.00
Sale View Rhino: Black

Rhino: Black

£24.99 £10.00

Shop FAQs

Yes, each design was originally commissioned as part of one of our public art events. In some instances we have to adapt the artwork to enable the production of the ceramic replica but we work very closely with the artist involved to ensure the ceramic is as close to the original as possible.

Please see the individual product description for material details. Each figurine is made from several parts and then fired three times at high temperature.

This refers to the number in the series your particular ceramic is in relation to the total number in the limited edition series – ie 1/1000 is the first in a limited run of 1000 pieces.

Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee numbers at present.

We run a Snowdog Collectors Club. It’s free to join and throughout the year you will be the first to hear about our exciting new collections and special limited edition ceramics. We also run special offers and exclusive competitions for members.

The hole is to allow air to escape during the firing process. Without the hole, the figurine would explode in the kiln.

No, each figurine is handcrafted and therefore no two will be identical. We believe that this adds to their unique charm.

We have tried to match them as closely as possible to the large sculptures but in some cases, manufacturing restrictions do not allow for an exact copy. However, we have tried hard to capture the “essence” of each sculpture.

No, they are decorative ornaments and being made of ceramic they are quite fragile. They are designed for display rather than play. Not suitable for children under 5 years old and contains small parts.

Some figurines are available via our event partners high street and online shops while stocks last.

Yes, international shipping is available when purchased via this website.

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