2.2 Ordering sculptures

To place your sculpture orders, please email orders@wildinart.co.uk and copy in your Account Manager.

Please note that this should be in accordance with the matters, details and guidance set out in Schedules One and Two of your contract.

You should have already received the sculpture specification sheet which details dimensions, weight and other important information about the sculpture. Please contact your Account Manager if you haven’t got it.

Sculpture origination and development

If you’ve chosen a brand spanking new sculpture design for your event, you’ll be working with us on the origination and development of an original sculpture.

Launch Sculptures Order

Within six weeks of signing the contract, you will place your order for the sculptures you’d like at your launch.

Whatever your launch looks like, you’ll want to announce your plans with a flourish, revealing the sculpture to your audiences and making a big splash in the media.

Depending on your sculpture, we may also have some already decorated versions. If this is the case, you can arrange to hire or buy these sculptures from us. Please speak to your Account Manager about this service.

Delivery is typically 8 weeks from the date of order.

Minimum Sculptures Order

Following your Launch Sculptures Order, it is helpful, but not essential, that your Minimum Sculptures Order is as close to the estimated final number of sculptures for your trail as possible.

Please note that manufacturing will not begin until the deposit is received.

Delivery is typically within 8 weeks from date of deposit payment.

Further Sculptures Orders

If you require any further sculptures, please bear in mind that delivery is typically four weeks from date of order. Please note that for large orders, this may be longer.

Delivery costs

To keep the delivery costs as low as possible for you, we organise the delivery of the sculptures from our own storage facility or directly from our manufacturer to your storage space, as per the process outlined in section 2.3.

You will receive a quote in advance, but typically it is approximately 12-15% of the cost of the sculptures in the shipment. E.g. If you have a consignment containing x20 large sculptures that cost £1,000 each, you can expect the delivery cost to be 12-15% of £20k, which is £2,400 – £3,000.

Under Delivery Costs – amend working to include the work each after £1000.

Q. Can we collect from your sculpture manufacturer directly?

A. You may have a Logistics Sponsor offering their haulier services. We can discuss the options available with them, but please bear in mind:

Sculptures remain the property of Wild in Art until they are paid for in full. To help spread the costs we don’t invoice you again following the deposit payment until you have received the sculptures (see section 2.5).

Due to the cost and insurance implications we are yet to beat the value we offer from our current delivery method with cost-effective international transport and road haulage.

If your event is not on mainland UK, we will explore options to deliver the sculptures to your nearest port. This means your Logistics Partner can assist in their onward journey to your storage space, which may be more economical. However, we will need to agree the sculpture inspection process at the port.