A trail of ox sculptures to open in Oxford in 2024

More than 30 life-sized ox sculptures will be let loose in Oxford in summer 2024.

The OxTrail art trail will feature ox sculptures uniquely decorated by local and national artists. They will be accompanied by groups of smaller sculptures decorated by local schools and community groups.

The first decorated oxen was exclusively unveiled to potential sponsors at the launch party on Thursday 12 July. The event was for local and national businesses that operate in Oxford, organisations, artists and schools who are supporting or considering supporting the trail.

The trail will open on 6 July 2024 and will be free to explore for eight weeks before the sculptures go to auction to raise money for Sobell House Hospice.

Amelia Foster, chief executive of Sobell House Hospice, said it was “designed to bring the city together”.

“OxTrail will encourage locals and visitors of all ages to explore Oxford’s iconic attractions and find some hidden gems.”

Businesses, artists, schools and community groups can find out how to get involved at oxtrail2024.co.uk

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