Elmer's Big Heart of Kent Parade

19 June 21  – 22 August 21
Heart of Kent Hospice

Elmer's Big Heart of Kent Parade

A spectacular public art installation took place in Maidstone over the summer of 2021, thanks to a collaboration with Heart of Kent Hospice and independent children’s books publisher Andersen Press.

Elmer and his friends marched onto the streets of Maidstone to form the first-ever public art trail in the county town on Saturday 19 June 2021 for nine weeks.

The Parade of beautifully designed Elmer sculptures formed three trails around the town, its river path, countryside and parks until Sunday 22 August 2021 for local families and tourists to enjoy.

The Elmer sculptures raised a staggering £312,750 at auction to support the work of Heart of Kent Hospice.

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About Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

Elmer remains one of the most iconic and widely read children’s book series of all time, selling over 10 million copies worldwide since it was first published by Andersen Press in 1989.

Written and illustrated by celebrated children’s author and artist David McKee, the Elmer books have been translated into more than 60 languages and now new books, toys and clothing add to the world of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant.

About Heart of Kent Hospice

Heart of Kent Hospice provides free, specialist care and support for adults living with a terminal illness and their loved ones, so they can have the best quality of life, for as long as they live.

Since the Hospice opened in 1991 they have cared for over 60,000 people – patients, their carers and families, offering not just clinical support but also emotional, spiritual and social care too.

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