Our Tortoise sculpture is based on the Giant tortoise, of which there are two species found only on two remote groups of tropical islands: Aldabra Atoll and Fregate Island in the Seychelles and the Galápagos Islands in Equador.

In China, the sacred tortoise symbolises longevity, power, and tenacity, and in Ancient Greek mythology, the tortoise is the symbol for the “messenger” god, Hermes. In today’s busy world, they also serve as an important reminder to slow down, live in the moment and connect with the world around us.

Did you know Giant tortoises can weigh as much as 417kg and can grow to be 1.3m long!

Available in large and medium.

As seen in Tortoise Takeover 2023.

The Tortoise sculpture will feature next in The Short Tail Trail in 2024 and Trail with a Tale in 2025.