SmileyWorld® Art Trail to debut in North Tyneside

Wild in Art and the original, globally recognised Smiley® brand The Smiley Company, have entered into a creative partnership that will produce a SmileyWorld® public art trail featuring sculptures of the fun, positivity-spreading emoticons.

The trail will debut in North Tyneside from 26 January 2024, where fifteen creatives have been tasked with interpreting, and responding to a range of emoticons including Daren Newman (Anxiety), Guy McKinley (Calmness), Hammo (Disgust), LeiMai LeMaow (Joy), Mikesian Studio  (Sadness), RP Roberts (Fear), Sumit Sarkar (Anger).

The SmileyWorld® trail is an exciting step in the evolution of Wild in Art and our ongoing mission to bring art out of the gallery and create shared experiences. In this iteration, the artwork is designed digitally and printed onto the sculptures, which has widened the pool of creatives to include illustrators and artists working in digital.

This is the third Wild in Art trail to take place in and around North Tyneside since 2020, with the aim of driving footfall into town centres, supporting the local economy, whilst also encouraging families to get outdoors and active, and nurture an interest in art and creativity in the community.

Morph’s Epic Art Adventure in 2022, saw around 60,000 people take part, using the bespoke app or map to track and unlock sculptures, both of which will be available for the SmileyWorld® trail.

Find out more about SmileyWorld® in North Tyneside.

This collaboration marks a new chapter in public art, fostering shared experiences, supporting local economies, and nurturing a love for creativity in communities. Join us on this vibrant journey, where art, smiles, and a celebration of emotions converge for a brighter, happier world.

​​Nicolas Loufrani

CEO The Smiley Company

This new collaboration with The Smiley Company® is extremely exciting for Wild in Art. It has enabled us to work with artists in a different way and highlight those working in illustration and digital. It’s really special to have such an incredibly talented array of creatives involved. Each sculpture connects emotions and art in a meaningful way offering visitors a new trail experience to explore.

Charlie Langhorne

Managing Director and Co-founder of Wild in Art

I’m made up to have the opportunity to work with The Smiley Company® and Wild in Art on creating a design for one of the SmileyWorld® art trail sculptures. There’s no denying The Smiley Company®’s iconic brand of happiness has resonated deeply within my artistic vision over the years. Contributing my own joyful flex to the unique canvas and emblem of cheerfulness is a real honour!

Lei-Mai LeMaow

Contributing Artist

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