We all need a guiding star. Someone to look up to. Someone who shows us the way. When we encounter a truly admirable person we often feel inspired, educated, and encouraged to do better. Expressions of admiration can be hidden by a sense of humility or pride. But showing someone you admire them is easy. Give a compliment. Say the nice thing still left unsaid. Sing someone’s praises. Sometimes you’ll discover that the admiration goes both ways.

About the Design

This depiction of admiration is viewed from a child’s point of view, highlighting the anticipation and bliss of being presented with an ice cream, as if delivered from heaven with a sprinkling of glowing clouds and topped off with a dreamlike palette. Milan hopes his design serves as a sentimental reminder to enjoy the smaller moments in life, in this case the simple, enduring memories from childhood summers.

About the Artist

Milan has illustrated trail maps, heritage guides and festival illustrations for National Trust, Wild in Art and University of Birmingham, capturing nostalgic imagery in a modern and colourful style. He enjoys producing engaging designs which combine history and light-hearted picture-book scenes with charming, characterful details. Milan independently produces greeting cards, calendars and art prints, and delivers portraiture drawing classes and children’s activities.

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