Surprise is like a bolt of electricity that stops us in our tracks. A reaction to the unexpected or unimaginable, the feeling of surprise puts our default mode on pause. A positive surprise can amplify joy, happiness or pleasure. A negative surprise can open the floodgates to extreme anger, sadness or hopelessness. What’s the best way to handle a big surprise? Take a breath!

About the Design

This design features a group of characters who are looking in awe and focusing their eyes on a point outside the image where something or someone has captured their attention. Their expressions of amazement and curiosity leave us wondering what is going on, imagining the reason behind their surprise. Is it a good surprise or a bad surprise?

About the Artist

Elena, aka Ele.Zissou, is an illustrator and muralist from a small village in Spain working worldwide. Inspired by nature, childhood experiences, animated series she has watched since she was young and other contemporary artists she admires, she has created her own universe full of quirky, cheerful and magical characters who tell stories. When creating her pieces, she hopes the viewer can be transported to this universe and live in it for a moment.


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