Confusion is a haze. A cloud that enters our mind dimming any clear views. In a world engulfed with so many storms, confusion reigns. Feeling confused is akin to experiencing a question in the form of an emotion. If you’re feeling more confused than ever lately, don’t worry the world is (and has always been) a very confusing place. Harness your confusion for good, and try to find order in the chaos through gaining more knowledge. It truly is power.

About the Design

Elph has create a design where the central character in the illustration is confused by the magical puzzle he is surrounded by. He is attempting to work out which parts of the puzzle to press to move on to the next stage. We meet the character at their most confused and bewildered stage, but hopefully he will be able to solve the problem he is faced with and move on to his next challenge.


About the Artist

Elph is a multidisciplinary artist based in Edinburgh. He has painted large scale murals since the mid 1990’s and now works in illustration, animation and graphic design, whilst also recently experimenting with augmented reality and VR.

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