Meant as an evolutionary mechanism for self-preservation, fear alerts us to immediate danger, while protecting us from potential peril or harm. However, many of the threats running amok in our minds are the fruit of imagined fears only. US President Franklin D. Roosevelt said it best. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. If fear is the precursor to manipulation, then we must stare it straight in the eye – reclaiming the power it threatens to devour.

About the Design

When given the brief for the emotion ‘Fear’ this artist instantly wanted to go towards the horror genre and decided upon a classic comic book illustration style. He wanted to include his love of vintage horror tropes such as haunted cabins, zombies and of course a terror mountain, along with hidden details like glowing eyes, spiders, bats and axe wielding psychos.

About the Artist

RP Roberts is an artist who predominantly paints winter landscapes, he works in a variety of mediums and on different scales, from small acrylic paintings to giant spraypaint murals. He creates work for numerous commercial clients, most notably creating the top sheet graphics for Jones Snowboards.

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