Sadness is a natural response to trouble or trauma. Only by feeling this pain, acknowledging its source and walking through it, are we able to heal. And we should avoid suffering in silence. Solitude can be the cause, but also the sustainer of sadness. Finding the right shoulder to cry on, can be the best way to make us feel full again – full of hope, full of happiness, full of joy.

About the Design

Sadness can affect us all in different ways, so it’s a difficult thing to visualise in one single design. This artwork summarises different feelings by bringing together multiple elements that seem to surround us when we’re feeling down. The artists have arranged the design as an abstract collage, representing the mixed up range of emotions we go through.

About the Artist

Mikesian Studio are a design and art duo from Manchester, made up of Mike and Sian. Their work is a mix of powerful words, bold colour and graphic forms, with a focus on bringing bright, inclusive artwork to communal and public spaces. They have worked at all kinds of scales; from designing commemorative postage stamps, to building miniature houses for rodents, to city wide charity ad campaigns and international festival artwork.

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