Relief is that giant release of breath. It’s the relaxing of tense muscles; the end of suspense. If emotions are like waves, crashing over us with periodic aplomb, then relief is the tide receding, providing a reprieve and giving us an opportunity for renewal. Relief tempers anxieties, leaving us with the gift of a much-needed reset. Such doses of therapeutic freedom are fundamental to our functioning. What a relief!

About the Design

This artist was inspired by an array of feedback she received from putting out a social media survey asking people what relief means to them. Examples of feedback included association with soothing colours, small actions taken after a long day such as kicking off your shoes, exhaling and a unanimous sense of weight being lifted off the shoulders.

About the Artist

Kelly is an illustrator based in Manchester whose work tends to explore playful visual connections between people, culture and cities. She enjoys capturing snippets of the local surroundings and moments we may take for granted, finding joy in the everyday mundane.

Image: Charles Leek

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