Anger is reactive. Like a fire, anger builds in intensity. Starting with a mere spark, if you lose control and allow it to burn long enough, anger can grow to become a raging inferno. It brims with the power to alter our own destiny. While we can’t control every situation, we can control how we react to the circumstances thrown our way. It may not always feel like it, but this is why allowing yourself to act out in anger is a choice.

About the Design

This design is a reimagination of a traditional canvas painting by the artist from 1998. He wanted to express anger through the idea of a repressed, silent shout. Sumit wanted to create an image that conveyed the madness of rage through intensity of detail and colour.

About the Artist

Sumit Sarkar is a digital and analogue sculptor and painter with new technology at the forefront of his practice. He takes inspiration from various sources including religious iconography, science fiction and comic/cartoon/graffiti art, with recent work focusing on abstracted sculptural form.

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