Excitement is the motivating energy of the world. We become excited by the prospect of something with the propensity to thrill. From meeting someone new, to going on an adventure, trying new food or the eve of an important announcement, excitement begins with a buzz and bursts alive like an emotional dance party. During difficult times, an exciting possibility sits like a beacon of light on the horizon. Excitement helps us to push forward, guided by the promise of happiness and reward.

About the Design

This artist wanted to create something that captures the vibrations and colours of this emotion. He hopes that this simple and bold design elicits excitement in the viewer.

About the Artist

Drew Millward was born in Coventry; grew up in Bolton, studied and lived in Leeds for many years and now lives in a quarry in the Aire Valley, with his wife and son. He has been drawing pictures since around 2004. Drew likes to draw ‘the old fashioned way’, using pencils, pens and a love of the craft of illustration, but is increasingly reliant on digital methods to create his work.

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