Disgust is such a powerful feeling it can rouse a revolution. An adverse reaction to something rotten or repulsive, disgust is pugnacious, expressed with a rapid contortion of our entire face. Simplified, disgust is not liking something. This emotion can upset a stomach or stir an entire society. We either run away or rise up to try and make things right. Disgust can help us see the light.

About the Design

Hammo has aimed to capture the primal, face scrunching, heave-inducing, full-body convulsion that comes when faced with a disgusting sight, revolting taste or a horrific smell. The sickly, roiling background hints at what could be causing the child to feel disgust, or maybe it hints at the rising nausea of what is yet to come!

About the Artist

Hammo is an illustrator and mural painter from Manchester. Whether drawing digitally, or using spray paint, his distinctive work is primarily character based, and is characterised by strong linework, use of bold colours and a keen attention to detail. His inspirations are wide ranging, from film, music, and literature, to the cartoons he watched as a kid, via nature, mythology and a bit of British folklore. Where possible, he always aims to raise a smile with his work.

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