Emanating from what matters most, joy is a feeling of great pleasure, happiness or bliss. If you ever feel an inkling of quiet joy, be sure to listen to it, nurture it and then let it grow louder. The after-effect of success, good fortune and a cultivated sense of well-being, this feeling is the key to unlocking a life filled with enjoyment and illuminating experiences. Let your joy set you free.

About the Design

For this design, the artist has evoked a simple yet meaningful celebration of the feeling of joy found in a quiet companionship that enriches her days. Capturing a serene experience filled with warmth and comfort, no matter how long your day has been or how tough, the therapeutic power of animal and human connection can always bring such joy.

About the Artist

LeiMai LeMaow is a multidisciplinary artist working in the digital and physical world. Her work is constantly evolving whilst she experiments with styles and mediums using an unapologetic mix of modern and traditional techniques.

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