Life gives us plenty to laugh about. From small jokes to the vast absurdity of the universe, our tell-tale reactions to comical and uncanny occurrences are easy to spot. Some people grin, others giggle, a few may even guffaw, but the feeling that sparks our sense of humour into motion is the same – amusement. Amusement comes in all shapes and sizes. Amusing things are pleasing because they make us feel warm, fuzzy, and happy inside.

About the Design

For Hew Ma, this emotion made them instantly think of the delight in going to amusements arcades. The artist has reimagined a classic pinball machine with lights and a clown face action as the main focal point for the design, with thumbs for flippers and the pinballs bouncing around.

About the Artist

Hew Ma is a freelance illustrator, mural painter and mother of one. A creative maker in many disciplines for over 20 years with a career rich in all things creative from art exhibitions, greetings cards designs, large scale murals, privately commissioned work and a lecturer at Leeds Trinity University. She is usually found at home creating anything from digital work to tangible pieces of artwork or off on long walks around Yorkshire.

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