Adoration is love on another level. A coming together of respect, awe, and affection; we adore those who we hold dear to our hearts and hope to protect. With its roots springing from Latin, meaning “to give homage or worship to someone or something”, adoration is an intense feeling. In this sense, adoration sits apart from romantic love, because it takes our initial spark of delight, fanning its flames to create a feeling of admiration, before arriving at a place of true devotion.

About the Design

To this artist, adoration is an intense feeling of love and devotion directed towards a specific person or object. This love, often obsessive in nature, became the focal point of Kawafi’s illustration. The girl cradles a nondescript, luminous object that captures her unwavering attention. The close and intense framing accentuates her singular focus, highlighting the profound connection between her and the object. It emphasizes a world where nothing else matters, capturing the essence of adoration.

About the Artist

Nadia Kawafi, a Manchester-based illustrator with Spanish and Libyan heritage, is known for her fantastical, fun, and colourful illustrations. Specialising in character design, her work captivates with an otherworldly and whimsical quality. Known for the ability to adapt and mould her style to various contexts, Nadia maintains the enchanting essence that defines her unique visual identity.

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