Anxiety is the energy of fear, dread and discomfort. Anxiety has the potential to overpower our sense of stability or self. Anxiety often goes unspoken and this usually makes anxiety worse. Feeling anxious is a completely normal part of the human experience. And finding relief can be simple. Talk to a friend or family member, share what’s on your mind, and release the pressure growing inside. Connecting with others is like an emotional pressure valve, providing much needed relief.

About the Design

This artist has created a self-portrait to depict their own feelings of anxiety, such as the fear and dread that sets in when faced with seemingly normal situations surrounding interactions with other humans, the world outside their home and the imposter syndrome that takes over about their working practice. Daren has represented the daily battle he faces trying to wrestle with this little negative character that resides deep down inside.

About the Artist

Daren Newman is an award-winning illustrator, typographer and designer raised and based in Manchester, who also works under the moniker of Me&MyPen. Renowned for his monochromatic, highly detailed hand-drawn illustrations and intricate lettering styles, Daren has worked on numerous projects for global brands.

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